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What is Finroo?

Finroo is home to an artist designed tshirt community. Our shirts are truly works of art, designed by artists, not mass produced.The chances of you seeing someone wearing the same design are slim to none. 

What does Finroo stand for?

Finroo stands for “final round”.  This is where the best of the best artists compete and where we only show you the cream of the crop.

How does Finroo work?

The Finroo team goes after the true cream of the crop artists, having them submit their work to our site.  The best-ranked products float to the homepage, calculated by their sophisticated ranking.

What are Finroo shirts made out of?  I have never heard of organic Bamboo…

Most Finroo shirts are made from high quality bamboo and organic cotton (70% bamboo/30% organic cotton 150g). These shirts are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and environmentally friendly all year round.   To put it simply, these bamboo shirts are softer than anything you’ve felt. And our standard cotton shirts are not your average cheap tshirt either; they are 100% cotton and sourced from a high end distributor of super quality apparel.

What is our shipping policy?

All products are handled with extreme care.  The shirt needs to be made first, so allow a couple days for processing, and then it ships Priority Mail within the US, and air mail outside the US. You should receive your products within about 5 days, but at most 10-14 days.  If you still haven’t received your product or have a question about your order email us at

If you choose overnight shipping, allow 2 days for processing before it ships, though it may ship sooner.

What is our Return Policy?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product please let us know within 2 weeks of receiving your product.  All products must be returned in mint, unworn, condition.  Shoot us a line at


How do I get paid?

For every sale that goes through artists receive a commission of 10% of the shirt price.  This amount will automatically be put into your account immediately after a sale.  You can view this in real time on your dashboard. You are able to pull out this money after it has been in your account for 30 days (for our return policy to hold in effect) as long as the balance is $25.  We can pay artists instantly through PayPal or we can cut you a check if the amount is over $100.

How are designs placed on the homepage?

The best ranked products are placed on the homepage. 

How can I improve my visibility/sales/ranking of my products?

All products are displayed by ranking.  The factors you can control over your ranking are your reviews and purchases. The more people you show your product the better your rankings will get.  Use the blog this button to post to your blog or the share this button to show your friends!

You can also improve sales and visibility by writing an interesting and detailed description of your artwork. Be sure to include keywords that may be searched.

What type of artwork is accepted?

Finroo will consider accepting any piece of artwork that is a high quality graphic with no explicit terms or inappropriate images. Finroo reserves the right to approve any artwork before displaying on our site. Artwork may not be available on apparel elsewhere.

What format must artwork be in?

PNG in 150dpi or better, scaled to the exact size it will be printed on the shirt. Max size is 13.75” x 17”. Image should have transparent background.

Why was my product denied?

Products are denied for a couple of reasons but mostly because of these three reasons:

  • They are photographs and not graphic images
  • The original image uploaded was not a high quality png (we need them to be 150 dpi or better)
  • The image did not fit on a 13.75 x 17 print area

But don’t worry, if your product is ever denied, we’ll tell you why and give you a chance to resubmit!

What do I do if I think someone has used my design?

If for any reason you think someone is using your design please email us at .  Please include the URL of the image in question and provide proof that the image was originally yours.



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