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My name's Kade Wolfe I'm 17 I'm obsessed with art, gaming, tech, and movies (but who isn't). You can call me frooglekade or just FK so anyway if you want to know more just check out my deviantart or email me at frooglekade@hotmail.com

I'd Like To Meet:

 Ryan Church, Radiohead


Art,Computers,TV,The interwebs,Movies,Gaming,Tech


Coldplay,Kanye West,Linkin Park,Massive Attack,Muse,My Chemical Romance,Radiohead,Seal,Soul Coughing,Soundgarden,Spiderbait,Strawhorse,Strong Bad,The Doors,The Killers,The Shins, Weezer, Wolf Parade


Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superbad,The Incredibles,The Island, Jurrasic Park, Timeline, Transformers,Hellboy 1 and 2,Talladega Nights,Anchorman,Batman Begins, The Dark Knight


Mythbusters,Attack of the Show, X-PLAY, Avatar:  The Last Airbender, INVADER ZIM, Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, Dirty Jobs, House, Family Guy, The Office,HEROES


Artemis Fowl,Inheritance Trilogy, Anything written by Michael Chricton (Jurrasic Park, Timeline), Alex Rider series,1984,Battle Royale, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun

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