Nick Beery

Fintoo T-Shirts Designed By Nick Beery

Illustrator/Designer/Photographer/Art Socialist/Capitalist

Tee shirt lover and designer extraordinaire...

BeeryMethod aka Nick Beery is currently the Art Director/Product Line manager for Defiant skatboards & apparel in Seattle. When not working on graphics, products, and creative marketing he resides in the studio painting some of the most cerebral sub-pop cultural imagery known to man. His work runs the gamut from curvy and sexy female portraiture to otherworldly strangely alien landscapes and characters. Collaboration with fellow artists and creatives sparks the fire that burns deep in his eclectic soul.

“The  delusional  aura  of  my  imagination is the complex momentum which keeps me vital.  Friends and life experiences are the inspiration and drive behind my creativity. My deepest interest lies in the dark celestial incubus hidden inside the ego shell of life.

Intentional  exploration  of  the  mysterious  deep  emotions  that  temporal, mundane everyday  existence  seems  to  mask  is  necessary  to  connect with aggregate ethereal essence  we  all  embody.

Whether painting in oils or mixing digital photography with traditional  drawing,  it  is the constant investigation of innovative techniques which seems to feed my creative heart.”  -  N Beery 


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